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Bowers and Wilkins 684 S2 (B)

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Switching to 5-inch bass/midrange drivers from the previous 6.5-inch cones, means the 684 S2 is now significantly slimmer than its predecessor, with simultaneously improved audio performance, thanks to Bowers & Wilkins innovation. The two Kevlar cone drivers benefit from smaller voice coils to increase sensitivity. The 5-inch drivers now also feature Anti-Resonance Plug dustcaps, technology taken from our high-end PM1 speakers, that improve pistonic movement inside the voice coil. This helps to deliver amazingly distortion-free midrange performance, all in a smaller space. As well as slimmer,improved driver performance, the 684 S2 also features a Decoupled Double Dome tweeter. Double dome technology, brought across from the CM10, increases tweeter rigidity for a more precise sound, while the tweeter sits in a gel-filled cavity, decoupled from the surrounding cabinet - which removes resonances and vibrations, for a more natural, spacious sound.
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Speaker type Indoor
Color Black
Number of drivers 3
Frequency response 72 Hz - 22 kHz
Sensitivity 87dB
Amplifier recommended range 25W - 150W
Impedance 8 Ohms
Additional information 2-way vented-box system; Decoupled Double Dome aluminium tweeter with Nautilus tube loading; Kevlar brand fibre cone bass/midrange drivers; Flowport
High-frequency drivers 1 x 25mm (1 in) aluminium dome
Midrange drivers 2 x 130mm (5 in) woven Kevlar cone
Crossover 4kHz
Width 6.3 " / 16.0 cm
Height 3.62 " / 9.2 cm
Depth 9.21 " / 23.4 cm
Weight 14.2 kg (each)
Warranty 2 years


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