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NAD C 510

The C 510 Direct Digital Preamp/DAC promises to redefi ne hi-fi separates. For decades, audiophiles have organized their systems with a source component, such as a CD player, along with a preamplifi er and a power amplifi er driving a pair of speakers. This has recently changed and today, the CD player might be replaced by a computer or dedicated music streamer connected to the Internet or local Network Attached Storage. The best of these are capable of streaming high-res 24-bit studio master recordings, which are now readily available. Thanks to the incredible convenience and stunning sound quality of computer audio, many music lovers have completely replaced all physical media with digital music fi les. It is for this purpose that the C 510 Direct Digital Preamp/DAC was created.
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Audio input(s) Coaxial, HDMI (2), Optical, XLR
Audio output(s) Composite RCA, XLR
THD+N 0.0005 %
Signal/noise ratio -123dB dB
Output level 2 V
Sampling rate 32kHz to 192kHz (USB and digital S/PDIF)
Additional information NAD Direct Digital™ Innovation; The C 510 includes connectivity for a wide variety of digital sources including a USB Type B port for direct connection to your PC or Mac; A 12V trigger and RS-232 port allow for system automation interface
Supplied accessories Remote control
Width 17.13 " / 43.5 cm
Height 3.9 " / 9.9 cm
Depth 12.17 " / 30.9 cm
Weight 10.36 lb(s) / 4.7 kg
Weight 12.35 lb(s) / 5.6 kg


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C 510

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