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The OPPO PM-3 combines true audiophile performance, elegant styling, noise isolation and portability into a pair of sleek lightweight Planar Magnetic headphones. With the PM-3, users can easily recreate the experience of listening to a pair of flagship headphones on a flagship amplifier or a high quality 2-channel speaker system in an optimized listening room, but in a portable form factor that can be taken anywhere. Tipping the scale at just slightly over 10 oz., the PM-3 is the world's lightest closed-back planar magnetic headphones. This makes the PM-3 the ideal headphones for a person whois always on the go. Its elegant styling and exquisite workmanship make the headphones a pleasure to wear in public, and its light weight and exceptional comfort make it easy to listen for hours on end.
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  • OPPO PM-3 (B)
  • OPPO PM-3 (Bl)
Ear coupling Circumaural
Frequency Response 10 Hz - 50,000 Hz
Sensitivity 102 dB
Power handling 500 mW
Impedance 26 ohms
Cord length • 3 m detachable cable (3.5 mm with 6.35 mm adapter)
• 1.2 m detachable cable (3.5 mm) m
Additional Information • The PM-3 features deep bass, smooth midrange, and clear treble. The sound signature can be described as very natural and balanced, with plenty of emotion and impact.
• The PM-3 sounds excellent, looks beautiful, and is equally at home in the fast-paced urban jungle as in the warmth of a dedicated listening room
• The OPPO PM-3 is ruggedly constructed with strong metal and plush padding materials
Supplied Accessories • Carrying Case
• User Manual
Weight 0.71 lb(s) / 0.320 kg


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