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Audioquest Beetle

Beetle is a multi-purpose DAC for today’s many different lifestyles. Capable of delivering naturally dynamic, uncompressed music via its high-performance optical or asynchronous USB inputs, Beetle adds exceptional convenience and surprisingly beautiful sound through its asynchronous Bluetooth technology. Some will see Beetle as the perfect complement to a TV’s optical audio output—often the only audio output provided on a modern HDTV—while others will want to use it as a major sonic upgrade for their favorite media players or gaming consoles.
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Audio input(s) Bluetooth, Optical, USB
Audio output(s) 3.5mm
Output level 1.35 V
Processor(s) Microchip MX Series microcontroller
Additional information • Optical audio optimizes TV, games, media streamers
• Asynchronous Bluetooth for unprecedented sound quality
• Asynchronous USB for maximum audio performance from computers and mobile devices
• Superior analog-linear power supply
• Free desktop application for personalization and software/firmware updates
• Desktop and mobile compatibility



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Beetle is a multi-purpose DAC for today’s many...