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Audioquest Rocket 33 (6 feet)

This Double Star-Quad Geometry "Rocket" cable does not look normal on the outside, and it is not at all normal on the inside. A sophisticated combination of extraordinary materials and extremely refined design allows the Rockets to honor all types of music equally.
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  • Audioquest Rocket 33 (10 feet)
  • Audioquest Rocket 33 (6 feet)
Format Specialty
Specialty Subwoofer cable
Type Cable
Cable Length 5.91 feet / 1.8 m
Additional information • Rocket 33 uses a carefully finessed combination of Long-Grain Copper and extremely high-purity Perfect-Surface Copper
• The four negative conductors in Rocket 33 are insulated with partially conductive Carbon-Loaded Polyethylene
• The Double Star-Quad construction of Rocket 33 allows for significantly improved dynamic contrast and intelligibility compared to parallel conductors
• The different SST-determined conductor sizes used in Rocket 33 allow an exceptionally clear, clean and dynamic sound
• When separated, the Double Star-Quad design allows Rocket 33 to be a maximum-performance Double BiWire in a single cable


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Rocket 33 (6 feet)

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