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music hall mmf-5.3le (R)

0.80 Environnement handling fee

The distinctive design isolates the critical sound reproducing components; platter, main bearing, tonearm, and cartridge on the top platform from the motor, switch, wiring, and feet which are mounted on the bottom platform. Viso-elastic cones separate the two platforms and provide vibration damping.
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33.3 rpm Playback Yes
45 rpm Playback Yes
RCA outputs Yes
Dust cover Yes
Additional Information • Music hall’s unique dual-plinth construction
• Top tier 9" alloy tonearm
• Counterweight’s center of gravity is level with the stylus tip, is decoupled from the arm, and acts as a resonance damper
• DC synchronous motor for superior speed stability, separately isolated on the lower platform
• Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge with replaceable nude elliptical diamond stylus
• The cartridge supplied is properly aligned and mounted
• Special vibration damping adjustable feet
• Built-in round spirit level for proper leveling
• Low noise fully manual belt-drive design
Supplied accessories/software 45 rpm Adaptor
Width 18.25 " / 46.36 cm
Height 5.5 " / 13.97 cm
Depth 13.25 " / 33.66 cm
Shipping weight 24.01 lb(s) / 10.89 kg


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mmf-5.3le (R)

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