Performance and refinement

par Bruno Cardinal

A young couple in Blainville, who are both cinema enthusiasts, mandated us to design and build this private home theatre room. Measuring 17′ x 30′ x 8′, this room which is located in the basement, has been specifically fitted out and optimized for large screen projections.

The soundproofing of the room is very efficient and its acoustics is adapted for listening volumes that are meant to do full justice to action movies, a must for home theatre viewers’ comfort. To this end, we adopted several strategies. To reduce reverberation, we designed the lateral walls so that they can absorb part of the sound coming out of the front speakers, we fitted out three alcoves in the ceiling and lined them with insulation boards. In addition, the thick carpets that covers the floor and the DVD storing shelves also contribute to add to the quality of the acoustics in this room.

For this project, we recommended a 115″ diagonal micro-perforated screen. From a listening position perspective, the image is localized 16′ from the screen and covers a 29-degree angle of the field of vision, in line with the THX performance standards. Note that the central loudspeaker enclosure benefits from an optimal location, as it is located behind the screen, in the centre of the image, just like in the theatres!