The “Movie Lovers” Project

by Bruno Cardinal

The challenge: building a home theatre room from scratch for a couple that loves movies.

The solutions: in order to maximize the performance of the video projection system and to take advantage of their incredible collection of films, we’ve come up with an exceptionally designed custom room. The multi-aspect ratio projection screen from Stewart Filmscreen is flanked by black panels to maximize the contrast of the image from a high-definition DLP projector. On top of that, we’ve concealed the acoustic speakers behind the panels, freeing up the front of the room to help showcase the video system’s superb imaging. A two-level floor ensures excellent visibility for every viewer. Also, we’ve put together all the electronics in a custom cabinet that’s been elegantly designed to provide easy access to the back of the equipment.

The result: a home theatre room with a sound and image that’s worthy of the best movie theatres!

Total budget: $100,000