The "family" project

by Bruno Cardinal

The challenge: to convert a narrow, unnecessarily long room with a ceiling full of ventilation ducts into a high calibre home theatre room capable of accomodating 6 people comfortably.

The solutions: in order to save space, all the electronic equipment was built into the side wall. A cleverly designed storage cabinet that takes the shape of the effects speaker is located in the back wall and serves as an acoustic diffuser. By adding a drop ceiling, we’ve also succeeded in concealing both the ventilation ducts and the video projector at the same time! (Thanks to a ventilation duct specially conceived for this purpose, the heat given off by the projector can be routed into the adjoining room.) By constructing a floor on three levels, it was possible to set up 7 excellent listening positions and to install a tactile transducer to enhance the transmission of bass frequencies.

A sophisticated lighting system lets you create different lighting schemes for all the different possible usages of the room (listening to music, video games, watching movies). In order to adapt the room’s acoustics for its new purpose, acoustic panels were mounted on the lateral walls.

The result: A home theatre room that is warm and convivial, with a powerful and smooth sound, that’s ideal for a night of family fun and entertainment.

Total budget: $90,000