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Panasonic presents its new line of televisions for the year 2019-2020, spearheaded by its new flagship, the OLED GZ2000 series. In a world where the term "innovation" seems to be used in every way, the Japanese company reminds us why it occupies a special place in film studios and the homes of image buffs.

An alliance with Hollywood

Nothing can ever replace expertise and careful research. Panasonic has understood this very well and does not hide its pride in continuing to work with the best Hollywood filmmakers and colorists. Even if this association has been an asset in Panasonic's hand for many years, when you have the chance to be around the greatest, it is wise to continue to evolve with them. In fact, many filmmakers work with Panasonic OLED TVs in their studios. It is likely that the new GZ2000 will become the new standard.

All components have been carefully developed and selected to create this new reference in imaging. Whether it's the smart HCX PRO processor, the most advanced and powerful ever introduced by Panasonic, or the exclusive power supply circuit integrated into the GZ2000, nothing has been overlooked to achieve a sharp, precise image, rich colors and exemplary brightness. Want to see what the directors of your favorite movies see? You can do just that.

Technology at the service of emotion

OLED televisions quickly won the hearts of image lovers. You just have to see to understand why. OLED panels are self-luminous, which not only provides increased brightness control without fogging effect, but also reproduces rich and authentic blacks.

In addition, the GZ2000 range is the only one on the market that supports the HDR10+ and Dolby Vision formats, the two highest standards in terms of dynamic range of brightness. These coveted technical accolades translate into an image that comes closest to reality - from the deepest black to the brightest white that can be reproduced. The goal here is to conform as much as possible to the performance of the only real valid standard: the human eye.

A television for your ears

What is the use of a high-end image if it is only to combine it with a thin and weak sound? Don't worry! You'll be well surrounded with the GZ2000, powered by a dynamic system designed by Technics, Panasonic's sister company with a well-established reputation.

The GZ2000 range is fully equipped to provide Dolby Atmos certified sound, this audio technology that allows you to broadcast and place sounds in specific locations throughout your room. The GZ2000's integrated speakers take you into the action thanks to Technics' know-how.

The ultimate experience

The Panasonic GZ2000 is available in two sizes: 55 and 65 inches. With its audiovisual quality and integrated smart features, Panasonic has set a new standard for us, which is no small thing for a company that has surprised us more than once in the past. With a rich heritage and the strength of an experienced team, Panasonic and Fillion invite you to come and experience the ultimate in one of our stores.

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