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What is the best TV for gaming?

You need a good TV to get the most out of your video games. But what makes a TV ideal for gaming and how do you find a model that will display the ultra-realistic images produced by next-generation consoles?

If you are an avid gamer thinking about getting a new TV to enhance your gaming experience, here is a short list of important features for you and two models that stand out from the crowd.

Features of an ideal gaming TV

The range of products and the number of models offered by TV manufacturers are increasingly extensive in order to meet the specific needs of each consumer.

This is why you should know the main features of a TV you want to use for Xbox or PlayStation gaming.

Low input lag

It only takes a few milliseconds for a video signal to go from your console to the TV screen via the HDMI input on your gaming TV. An unwanted delay, known as input delay, can be noticeable to your brain, or deadly to your game character.

You should therefore look for a TV that has a game mode with minimized input delay.

At least 4K resolution

The most popular video game consoles have been displaying content in Full HD (1080p) resolution for 10 years. The next generation of consoles promises to deliver 4K Ultra HD games.

If you’ve got your eye on a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, you should choose a TV with a display resolution of at least 4K.

HDMI 2.1 inputs

HDMI 2.1. is a connectivity input that transmits 8K 60Hz and 4K 120Hz content, which considerably increases resolution and responsiveness. This will be used more and more in the coming years, especially to connect game consoles to TVs.

If you are hesitating between two TV models, choose the one with HDMI 2.1 inputs.

Our two gaming TV suggestions

If you are still undecided after weighing your options and taking important features into account, here are two exceptional TVs for gamers.


The best gaming TV that we have tested so far is the LG CX. It offers amazing 4K image quality because it produces perfect blacks by completely disabling the pixels. It is therefore a fantastic choice for gaming in a dark room.

This OLED TV is also bright enough to easily avoid reflections. Its colour accuracy is impressive, and its colour space coverage provides HDR content with vibrant, saturated colours.

Finally, this LG product has a 120 Hz refresh rate that gives movements an incredibly smooth appearance. It also has an "auto low latency mode” (ALLM) that detects the start of a game from a compatible device and automatically puts the TV into "game" mode.

Samsung’s RU9000

The RU9000, a 4K UHD LED TV model manufactured by South Korean electronics leader Samsung, is an excellent choice for gamers on a budget.

The "Real Game Enhancer" game mode with incredibly low input delay of about 6 ms and a variable refresh rate makes this unit as responsive as a TV can be. Its above-average motion processing also makes it ideal for sports games, such as EA Sports’ classic NHL games.

The Samsung RU9000’s integrated Smart TV platform also allows you to control your game console with the included remote control, not to mention that it has HDMI 2.1 video inputs.

Find the best TVs for gaming at Fillion Électronique

In conclusion,the highest performance gaming TV should have a low input offset, at least 4K resolution and HDMI 2.1 inputs. These features are all offered in LG's CX and Samsung's RU9000 series.

For more information on TVs for gaming or any other model suggestions, contact our team of experts. Fillion Électronique has been meeting all your electronic needs for over 60 years.

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