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Sonos speakers tested and reviewed by our experts

Since it was founded in 2002, California-based Sonos has become a leader in the wireless audio industry.

One of the reasons for this tremendous success is the comprehensive range of high-quality products designed for users to enjoy music in the way that suits them best.

Nearly 20 years later, Sonos wireless speakers are still an excellent choice. Our team of experts decided to review the different Sonos speakers on the market so you can see which one might be right for you.

We tested three different Sonos speakers: One (Gen2), Move and Five. Here is our review!

Sonos One (Gen2) speaker review

The One (Gen2) speaker is the least expensive in the Sonos lineup. A worthy heir to the Play 1 model, it is compact yet powerful. With a sleek, simple design, it comes in black or whiteso you can integrate it into any decor.

Sonos One (Gen2) sound quality

The Sonos One (Gen2) speaker has a mid-woofer and tweeter, each powered by its own Class D digital amplifier. Despite its small size, it delivers deep enough bass and wide sound dispersion. The treble is also accurately rendered, down to the highest frequencies.

You should know that the One (Gen2) is a monophonic speaker, but it can easily be paired with a second speaker so you can enjoy clear stereo sound. When you have a pair of One (Gen2) speakers at your disposal, you can even use them as rear surround speakers by pairing them with some Sonos sound bars.

For optimal sound performance with the One (Gen2), we recommend using the Trueplay feature to balance the sound perfectly, wherever you are.

Sonos One (Gen2) connectivity and use simplicity

The second generation One speaker can be controlled using its touchscreen display, via Apple AirPlay and even by voice command.

The touch controls are easy to use and let you start or stop playback, adjust the volume, skip to the next song, and even mute the microphone for your privacy.

Voice control works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and can play music, listen to information, set your alarms, ask questions, and more. All this while keeping your hands free!

However, the One (Gen2) is not a Bluetooth speaker. It connects to your various devices and other speakers via Wi-Fi. In addition, it does not have a rechargeable battery, so it must be plugged into a power outlet at all times.

Overall assessment of the Sonos One (Gen2)

Priced around $250, the second-generation Sonos One speaker offers highly respectable audio performance and quality manufacturing. We highly recommend it to users looking for an affordable and reliable Wi-Fi speaker.

It is no coincidence that this wireless speaker model is popular with store and café owners who can set up many of them to broadcast music in multiple rooms in their business, without having to run wires.

Sonos Move speaker review

The Sonos Move is a relatively new product. It is the first Sonos speaker to incorporate Bluetooth technology and feature a rechargeable battery. It provides all the benefits of a Wi-Fi speaker and a Bluetooth speaker in one device. As with the One (Gen2), it is available in black or white.

Sonos Move sound quality

Like the One (Gen2), the Move is a monophonic unit that uses two digital amplifiers to power two speakers: one for high frequencies and one for mid-range bass.

It offers a little more bass depth than the One (Gen2) and can generate a very rich soundscape. The Move can also be calibrated using Trueplay to adjust the sound quality to the listening environment.

Like most Sonos devices, the Move can be paired with another speaker to enjoy stereo sound, or even the Sonos Sub if you enjoy powerful bass!

Sonos Move connectivity and use simplicity

With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integrated into the Move, you can play music, listen to the news, set your alarms and ask questions via voice command when you are on Wi-Fi. Of course, the device also has buttons to start and stop playback, adjust the volume, skip to the next track and shut off the built-in microphone.

What sets the Move’s use apart the most is its Bluetooth compatibility and a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged via USB-C, offering a battery life of approximately 10 hours. It can also be recharged by simply placing it on the elegant charging base included. These features allow it to be used both indoors and outdoors and even in places without a Wi-Fi network.

The Move is resistant to shock, humidity, rain, snow, dust, UV rays and extreme temperatures. This means that you can take it with you on nature trips and when working in the field.

Overall assessment of the Sonos Move

In short, if you are looking for a $500 speaker that performs equally well inside and outside your home, the Sonos Move is for you. In our opinion, its main strengths are its connectivity with other Sonos products, reliability and acoustic performance superior to that of most Bluetooth speakers.

Sonos Five speaker review

The Sonos Five is the most advanced wireless speaker from the Californian manufacturer. Its audio performance stands out from the other two products above. Slightly larger than the One (Gen2) and the Move, it still has a discreet and elegant design and is available in black or white.

Sonos Five sound quality

The Sonos Five really takes your breath away! Its power comes from 3 long range woofers and 3 tweeters. The closed cabinet architecture eliminates reverberation and echoes, making the speaker sound extremely clear and accurate. In addition, the two tweeters on the sides are precisely oriented to create spatial extension. The central tweeter optimizes the voice output.

Unlike its two "little brothers", the Five is a stereophonic speaker. When positioned horizontally, its built-in amplifier automatically separates the left and right channels to provide rich stereo sound. However, if you have two Five speakers positioned vertically, each one will switch to mono mode to maximize the stereo image. With that said, you will be satisfied with the acoustic performance whether you pair this speaker or not.

Finally, if you really want to get the most out of the Five’s sound performance, use the Sonos Trueplay app. It analyzes how your room reflects sound waves and then calibrates the speaker accordingly.

Sonos Five connectivity and use simplicity

The Sonos Five is very pleasant to use. Its buttons are very similar to those on other devices in the Sonos lineup. They let you start and stop playback, skip to the next song, and, of course, increase or decrease the volume.

Like the One (Gen 2), the Five does not have Bluetooth connectivity. However, its compatibility with AirPlay makes it easy to pair with your mobile devices. Its 3.5 mm input also offers the possibility to use it with aturntable, CD player, projector orany other device.

Overall assessment of the Sonos Five

With all its qualities, the Sonos Five is well worth its retail price of around $600. No matter what type of music you enjoy, the Sonos Five will help you rediscover your music collection with immersive sound and clarity like no other. Its 3.5 mm input even allows you to turn it into a compact and easily portable stereo amplifier.

Interested in testing different Sonos speakers? Come try them out in store!

Sonos is without a doubt one of the companies whose products are best adapted to the reality of today's users. The three products in this article have modern features and can easily be connected to a variety of audio sources. They are all top choices in their product categories.

Visit us in store to test one of these speakers or even take a look at other Sonos products!

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