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Best Bluetooth Headphones for Sports

When choosing headphones for sports, there are many aspects to take into account. The main consideration is connectivity. Bluetooth headphones are the ultimate in comfort during physical activity.

However, choosing between the many headphones available on the market can be tricky.

Our expert advisors at Fillion Électronique explain how to choose the best Bluetooth headphones for sports.


What is the battery life for Bluetooth sports headphones?

When choosing your sports headphones, you should focus on Bluetooth products. Wireless products offer better comfort and convenience than wired headphones.

Consequently, battery life will be an important feature to consider when choosing the best Bluetooth sport headphones. The battery life of Bluetooth sports earphones can vary, ranging from 4 to 12 hours for the best models.

Depending on how you use them and the length of your physical activity, you should choose sports earphones with a battery life that can last the entire duration of your typical workouts.


bose soundsport


Bose SoundSport headphones offer up to 6 hours of battery life with only 2 hours of charging time! An excellent price/performance ratio for unlimited music listening!


Waterproof Bluetooth sports headphones

If you are into sports where you may come in contact with water, waterproof earphones can be a great choice for some situations.

Check the IP rating of the product. Your earphones should be waterproof and dustproof.


Different fits for Bluetooth sport headphones

Sports are all about movement. If you want to listen to your music comfortably at all times, the fit of your Bluetooth sport headphones is also very important.

Earbuds are generally more comfortable than headphones, although some brands now offer products that fit snugly on your head and around your ears.

Here are the best fitting Bluetooth sport headphones on the market.



In the shape of small buds that fit directly into the ears, earbuds offer excellent comfort. They are very discreet in the ear and make a great choice for your Bluetooth sport earphones.

However, their battery life is sometimes limited due to their small size. You will have to find the right compromise between comfort and battery life!


sony wf-1000xm4


Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds are a great choice if you're looking for discreet, convenient and comfortable headphones!


Wired systems

If you're engaged in intense sports activities that require a lot of movement, you may be concerned about choosing a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. To make sure you don't lose your headphones while working out, you may want to consider a wired system.

These headphones are less discreet and can be worn around your neck when not in your ears. Probably the most practical choice.



When it comes to Bluetooth sport headphones, it's important not to leave out standard headphones! Some people are not at all comfortable with earbuds in their ears and find them unpleasant. Contrary to what you may think, some headphones are perfectly suited for sports.

Manufacturers now develop models that fit very well around the ear, are lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The sound environment and immersion is even better than with earbuds, since the whole ear is covered by the headphones.

Active noise reduction headphones are the gold standard for total audio immersion during your sports activities!




Sony WH-1000XM4 active noise cancelling headphones are a true workhorse and the perfect choice for those who want a pair of headphones for sports..


Weight: an important factor for greater comfort

Comfort translates into mobility. For this reason, choosing the right headphones is essential.

The weight of sports headphones can vary. We generally recommend choosing a model that weighs no more than 50 grams. Above that, comfort will be reduced and prolonged use of the headphones may cause discomfort and some minor pain.


beoplay eq


Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay EQ headphones weigh only 8 grams! You won't even feel them on your ears when you're playing sports! 

Audio quality: an important parameter to consider!

Lastly, audio quality is an important consideration when choosing the best Bluetooth sport headphones.

While there are other factors that go into choosing your sports headphones, audio quality is the primary factor you should consider. Some headphones offer active noise reduction systems for better immersion.

Checking the technical specifications of products is a good idea, but it may not help you make your choice if you're not an audio expert.


bw pi7


Like most of the models featured in this article, the Bowers & Wilkins PI7 Bluetooth headphones feature active noise reduction, making them perfect for immersing yourself in your music.

The easiest way to choose the best Bluetooth sports headphones is to try out different models with various fits. This will help you determine which models you feel most free and comfortable wearing. Keep in mind that these models are intended for sports and these features are therefore essential.


Find the best Bluetooth headphones for sports at Fillion Électronique

Finding the best Bluetooth sport headphones is not so straightforward. Unlike conventional headphones, there are a lot of parameters that come into play. Comfort, fit and durability are some of the key factors in choosing a product that you feel good about and that will endure your sports sessions.

The best way to guarantee that you're making the right choice is to try them out in a store. Fillion Électronique has a wide selection of headphones and our experts are on hand to help you find the right pair for your needs.

Come visit us in our Montreal store or contact us! Our team will be happy to welcome you and help you choose the best Bluetooth sports headphones for you!

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