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How to choose your turntable and vinyl accessories

Have you decided to start collecting vinyl records? The first step to enjoying the warm and organic sounds they can offer is to have the right equipment to play them, starting with the turntable and its accessories.

How do you choose the ideal turntable from all the available models? Your requirements in terms of sound quality, your budget, and the desired use are the three main factors to consider. In the following article, our team will help you determine your preferences and find the perfect turntable for you, as well as the accessories you will need.

Choosing your turntable according to quality, as well as your budget

Finding the ideal turntable starts with determining the perfect balance between the desired level of sound and component quality and the budget you are willing to invest.

Tight budget? Choose an entry-level turntable

Entry-level turntables are generally much more affordable and are ideal if you are not a trained audiophile. For a practical and easy-to-use turntable at a reasonable price, we recommend you choose a model from Audio Technica. The famous manufacturer now offers an automatic wireless turntable, the LP600-BT. Perfect if you want an affordable, light and easy to transport turntable!

Choose a USB turntable for digital conversion of your vinyl records

In addition, some affordable turntables usually have a special advantage: a USB port that allows vinyl records to be converted to digital format. If you want to be able to listen to your vinyl music on your computer or phone, choose a turntable with a built-in USB port, such as the Music Hall USB-1.

High-end turntables for experienced audiophiles

Finally, fans of high-fidelity audio equipment and music lovers will probably want to opt for a state-of-the-art turntable. Turntables priced over $1000 are built with high-quality workmanship and components, which is reflected in the exceptional sound quality they provide. Our best turntables in store come from the renowned manufacturer Technics.

If you prefer to choose a slightly less expensive model without compromising manufacturing quality or sound performance, we recommend the Pro-Ject Audio brand, which has been making a name for itself for over 25 years for its affordable high-end products and vinyl accessories.

How to choose your vinyl accessories

Depending on how you plan to use your turntable, you may need a variety of accessories: cleaning brushes, speed control discs, tray covers and cartridges are all items that can be very useful, even essential. If you are undecided, don't hesitate to contact us for advice on our line of accessories and we can help you separate the essentials from the extras!

Choose your turntable at Fillion Électronique

When you shop for your turntable at Fillion, you get the best advice from our team of audiophiles. We've had a passion for audio equipment for over 60 years: you can be sure we know the products we have to offer, whether it's a turntable, a speaker or headphones.

Contact us now and we will be happy to share our expertise with you and help you choose the equipment that truly meets your needs.

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