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Micromega MyZIC (W)

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Micromega engineers have designed an innovative audiophile headphone amplifier at a very attractive and affordable price. Like all other Micromega products, it is designed and fully produced in France. MyZic is the perfect link between your HiFi system and your headphones.
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  • Micromega MyZIC (B)
  • Micromega MyZIC (W)
Sound channels 2
Total harmonic distortion 0.005 %
Frequency range (Hz) 20 - 20,000
Video compatibility None
Numbers of Zones 1
Bluetooth None
User interface None
Additional information Front headphone jack (1/4"); Matches with every headphone impedance and sensitivity; LED status indicator; Horizontal rotary control for a precise listening level adjustment
HDMI inputs 0
HDMI outputs 0
Component inputs 0
Component outputs 0
S-Video inputs 0
S-Video outputs 0
Composite Video inputs 0
Composite Video outputs 0
Composites Audio Inputs (Analog) 1
Composites Audio Outputs (Analog) 1
Optical digital inputs 0
Optical digital outputs 0
Coaxial digital input 0
Coaxial digital outputs 0


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