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Yamaha CD-S3000 (S)

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High-rigidity drive mechanism and innovative circuit design for loss-less audio. Breaks through to the ultimate in audio reproduction - and the very essence of music. Introducing Yamaha’s highest class CD Player - the CD-S3000.
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  • Yamaha CD-S3000 (S)
Number of CDs 1
Hard disk None
Formats SA-CD, CD, CD-R/RW (MP3, WMA) and USB devices
Harmonic distortion 0.002% (1 kHz)
Frequency Range CD: 2 Hz-20,000 Hz; Super Audio CD: 2 Hz-50,000 Hz (-3 dB)
Dynamic Range CD: 100 dB; Super Audio CD: 110 dB
Remote control Yes
Additional information High rigidity aluminium CD tray; High rigidity main chassis improves anti-vibration properties and left-right symmetrical construction; Insulators allow use of spikes or pads; Independent configuration of digital and analogue circuits; Digital/analogue boards with integrated power supply circuits; Single-stage configuration I/V conversion circuit enables direct analogue output; Exceptionally high performance 32-bit D/A converter; Built-in USB DAC functions; ASIO 2.3 Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver; Pure Direct Mode further enhances the quality of analogue sound; Meticulously designed and beautiful in appearance—just like a musical instrument; Remote control with simple design and superior texture
Supplied accessories Remote control; Batteries (AAA x 2); Stereo Pin Cable; Safety brochure
Analog audio output 2
Optical output Yes
Coaxial digital output Yes
Audio inputs Optical; Coaxial
Width 17.13 " / 43.5 cm
Height 5.59 " / 14.2 cm
Depth 17.32 " / 44.0 cm
Weight 42.33 lb(s) / 19.2 kg



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