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Cambridge Audio CXA60 (B)

0.80 Environnement handling fee

Everybody loves to play music from a variety of sources which have a range of analogue and digital outputs – from streamers, TVs and laptops, to CD players and turntables. By catering for a wide variety of analogue and digital audio input types, the CXA60 allows all of your different music sources to receive the same high quality amplification.
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  • Cambridge Audio CXA60 (B)
  • Cambridge Audio CXA60 (S)
Sound channels 2
Power Output • 60W RMS into 8 Ohms
• 90W RMS into 4 Ohms
Power consumption (max) 600 W
Frequency range (Hz) <5Hz – 60,000 Hz +/-1dB
Video compatibility None
Bluetooth Compatible
User interface On the receiver
Additional information • Toroidal transformer is mounted centrally
• Class AB amplifier design
• ALPs film type volume pot
• 24-bit Wolfson WM8740 DAC built-in
Composites Audio Inputs (Analog) 4
Composites Audio Outputs (Analog) 1
Optical digital inputs 2
Coaxial digital input 1
Headphone output Yes
Width 16.93 " / 43.0 cm
Height 4.53 " / 11.5 cm
Depth 13.43 " / 34.1 cm
Weight 18.3 lb(s) / 8.3 kg

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CD Players

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    Cambridge Audio CXC (B)

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Receivers and Amplifiers

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    Cambridge Audio CXN (B)

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