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Arcam rPhono

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Designed specifically to replace an inbuilt phono amplifier or to add a turntable connection to your existing amplifier, the rPhono is the latest addition to the rSeries.The rPhono benefits from Arcam’s more than forty years of analog audio expertise and uses the finest quality parts in a layout that is optimized for low noise and minimum distortion. The multi-layer PCB allows our designers to maximize the quality of the ground plane so that interference between components is further reduced. The use of multiple, low-noise, individually regulated power supplies ensures the rPhono delivers thecleanest signal to the audiophile quality output stage.
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Sound channels 2
Total harmonic distortion 0.005 %
Frequency range (Hz) • Frequency response - Rumble filter OFF: 20Hz-50kHz +/-0.2dB, -3dB at 7Hz
• Frequency response - Rumble filter ON: 45Hz-50kHz +/-0.2dB, -3dB at 20Hz, -13dB at 10Hz
Bluetooth Not applicable
User interface None
Additional information • Moving coil & Moving magnet support
• Adjustable input impedance 50-550 ohms (MC)
• Adjustable input capacitance (MM)
• Rumble filter
• Precision RIAA filter response
• High-end audio circuitry
• Stylish cast aluminium case
Phono input Yes
Component inputs 2
Component outputs 1
Width 7.64 " / 19.4 cm
Height 1.73 " / 4.4 cm
Depth 4.88 " / 12.4 cm
Weight 2.43 lb(s) / 1.1 kg



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