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How to choose the right sound bar

Not satisfied with the sound of your TV, but don't necessarily want to invest in a home theater system? You'll find the perfect balance with a good sound bar. 

Sound bars are designed specifically for TVs and offer higher volume and better sound quality than most built-in speakers, without the cost and clutter of a hi-fi system. This buying guide will help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Determine how you will use your sound bar to make the best choice

The sound bar market is quite diverse. Some models are better suited to moviegoers, while others are geared towards listening to music at high volume with good bass. In all cases, you'll need to determine why you want a sound bar before you make your purchase.

If your goal is simply to enhance the sound quality of your TV without spending too much money, you may want to consider an entry-level sound bar, such as the Bose Solo 5 system. You'll get a clearer, louder sound that's right for you.

Some sound bars have multiple channels, allowing for better sound spatialization. If you want the best movie experience, you're better off buying a multichannel model, but bear in mind that they're often a little more expensive.

Finally, audiophiles looking for exceptional sound quality and innovative design will want to opt for a premium sound bar, such as the Bowers & Wilkins Formation Bar.

Consider the space available in the room 

Before choosing an audio system, you should always determine its future location in the house. Sound bar dimensions vary by model, and some are available with an external subwoofer to provide a powerful sound while maintaining the slimness of the bar.

Make sure you choose a sound bar that you will be able to install properly and leave room for an external subwoofer if your model comes with one.

Consult an advisor to choose the best sound bar

Are you hesitating between two or three different sound bars? There's nothing like the personal advice of an expert to make an informed choice.

At Fillion Électronique, our consultants are passionate about high-fidelity and know the topic like the back of their hand. Feel free to contact us and request our expertise or come see us directly in store for personal advice and on-site model demonstrations.

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