How to choose the perfect wireless multi-room audio system for your home

Many people find that one loudspeaker for the whole house is enough. Not so for the most dedicated music lovers, who are looking for a truly immersive experience, not just entertainment. 

Does this sound like you? A wireless multi-room audio system is the perfect setup for your music needs. This is a significant investment, so it's important to choose the right multi-room audio system for your everyday life. This buying guide highlights the various factors that you should consider when making your choice.

Budget is the first thing to consider when choosing a wireless multi-room audio system

The multi-room audio system you choose will largely depend on your budget and a $1000 system won't have the same sound and build quality as a $300 entry-level model.

If you're looking for an affordable system that doesn't sacrifice great audio performance, Sonos One stands out for its simple interface and clean design. Music lovers with higher demands and larger budgets will be impressed with the elegance and undeniable sound quality of Bang & Olufsen-designed audio systems.

Set your budget based on the number of rooms you want to enjoy your audio system in, since you will need to purchase a speaker for each room. Of course, you don't have to buy all the parts of your audio system at once and you can start with one loudspeaker and complete your system as you go.

Take the conditions of your space into consideration

If you plan to install part of your multi-room audio system in the bathroom so you can enjoy music in the shower, make sure you get a speaker that is moisture-resistant. This also applies if you want to enjoy your audio system outdoors, where a weather-resistant speaker is a must.

Features and compatibilities: which should you choose for a wireless multi-room audio system?

If you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, make sure your new multi-room system is compatible with the source of your audio content, i.e. the device used to play your music. For example, if you plan to use it with your phone, choose a system that is compatible with your cell phone model.

If you're using a streaming platform (Spotify, for example), you'll also need to make sure your system is compatible. If you're not sure, you can always ask one of the advisors at your local electronics store!

Finally, keep in mind that each audio system offers a range of different features: remote control, voice control, and more, depending on the model you choose. Always compare the features of each system before making a final choice.

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