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How to choose a hi-fi music streamer

Have you been working on your hi-fi stereo system for some time and want to take it to the next level? A hi-fi music streamer might just be what you need.

This short buyer’s guide will help you choose the right hi-fi music streamer for your sound system.

Choosing a music streamer that fits your needs

There are different kinds of music streamers which vary in complexity.

Classic hi-fi music streamers have one or more digital outputs and transmit a signal to the DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter), which is then routed back to the speaker or amplifier.

DAC music streamers are equipped with analog outputs, allowing direct connection to speakers or amplifiers.

Finally, there are also streamer-integrated amplifiers or amplified speakers. As the name suggests, these devices integrate all the necessary elements to operate independently.

Wireless Wi-Fi or wired connection, which is ideal for you?

When choosing a hi-fi streamer, you will need to choose the best type of internet connection for you between a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection or a wired connection via an Ethernet jack. This internet connection allows you to access your library of audio files on your computer or through music streaming services.

Each option has its advantages. Wi-Fi allows for greater freedom with music streamer location, but you have to make sure that your network is optimized to avoid being disconnected. Ethernet cables are more restrictive in terms of location, but you can be certain that the music will not be interrupted.

Check which protocols and delivery platforms are supported by the music streamer

Music streamers do not necessarily support all audio streaming protocols and platforms. Checking which ones are supported on different devices will make it easier to choose your streamer.

For example, the Uniti Atom by Naim is compatible with Spotify, Internet Radio, TIDAL and Google Cast, whereas Port by Sonos supports AirPlay 2. It’s up to you to decide what your preferences are!

Rediscover your favourite albums with a high-quality hi-fi music streamer

In order to choose the right music streamer, you must first determine what type of streamer you need, which connection is most appropriate and whichsupported protocols and delivery platforms meet your needs and expectation.

We hope this advice will help you choose a music streamer that takes your sound system to the next level.

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