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Structured cabling: definition and advantages

Electronic devices are becoming more and more essential to our activities both at home and at work. Most of these devices require a power supply, and many also need to be connected to the internet or a local network. We often end up drowning in tangled piles of cables that look messy and can cause all sorts of problems.

Fortunately, there is a solution&mdashstructured cabling.

In this article, our installation specialists explain this cable and physical network management strategy and present a few of its many advantages.

Definition of structured cabling

The simplest way to describe structured cabling is a method of installing a physical network that optimizes the organization and distribution of wires and cables in a building.

This concept can be used for both power cables and cables that transmit data. However, the installation must meet certain standards in order to be considered structured cabling.

This configuration of wired connections can be used to connect separate rooms in a residence or business that share the same data sources. To do so, the data centres are linked by patch panels that connect to a distribution centre through the walls and ceilings. The distribution centre is a sort of control panel that can be used to manage the whole structured cabling network.

Generally, establishing a structured cabling network involves installing a cable harness that consists of twisted pair cables, coaxial cables or fibre optic cables, depending on what is needed.

Example: Project A represents a standard installation, while project B represents a structured cabling installation

Advantages of structured cabling

There are a variety of reasons for individuals and businesses to choose structured cabling. Here are a few examples.

A more aesthetically-pleasing and user-friendly network

Structured cabling removes the tangled mess of wires that ruins your decor and complicates housekeeping. All wires that connect to the same source are attached, and their length is adjusted to minimize the space they occupy.

Better wired network performance

An optimized cabling structure improves the flow of information and data through the cables. Therefore, structured cabling results in a faster computer network and a better multimedia experience for users. After installing structured cabling, you may notice that the download speed of videos and pictures increases and image and sound quality improves.

Problems are easier to identify

Finding and fixing a problem in a disorganized mess of cables can be a real headache. If a problem occurs and your cabling is structured, however, the issue will be much easier to identify.

A more flexible and accessible physical network

Since structured cabling can usually support various types of electronic devices (projectors, TVs, DACs, etc.), it’s easy to add new equipment to the network as needed. This is a major advantage for growing businesses.

Better network security

Installing structured cabling improves network security because the distribution centre simplifies wired connection management.

Installing structured cabling: a job for the experts

Now that you know more about structured cabling and its advantages, you may be inclined to install it in your home or business. If so, keep in mind that installing structured cabling is a job best left to professionals.

Structured cabling experts are like architects. They have the expertise to optimize your electronic environment and choose the cables and connections that best suit your needs.

For structured cabling worthy of the name, don’t hesitate to contact us. The Fillion installation specialists have mastered the art of optimizing physical networks to provide you with the best performance, flexibility and durability.

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