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Mistakes to avoid when installing a TV wall mount

Placing your TV on a wall mount takes up less floor space, provides better viewing angles, and can even make your living room or entertainment room look cleaner and more organized.

To enjoy these benefits, your wall mount must first be installed correctly.

Here are the mistakes to avoid when installing a TV wall mount.

Not taking the TV mount location seriously

The first mistake to avoid when installing a TV wall mount is not seriously considering its location. There are many factors to consider before you start installing your new TV mount.

Depending on your TV’s features, you will have to take viewing angle and sun exposure into account. From a practical point of view, you should also consider the closest wall outlet and the electronic devices that you will connect to your TV.

Installing a TV wall mount without making sure that it meets your needs

You will need to choose between a fixed or full motion wall mount based on where you want to mount your TV. If your living room faces the wall where you plan to mount your TV, a fixed wall mount or tilting wall mount should be fine. If your TV needs to be placed at an angle to give you a better view, a full motion wall mount will be a better choice.

You also need to make sure that your wall mount does not block access to your TV’s HDMI cable ports.

Using the wrong tools to install your TV wall mount

The right tools must be used for a job well done. A spirit level, tape measure, drill, drill bit, screwdriver and stud finder are some of the tools needed for a successful TV mount installation.

You may struggle to securely attach the bracket without these tools, meaning it could fall off the wall at any time. So make sure you have these essential tools on hand before starting the installation.

Installing your TV wall mount directly in a drywall

Screws in regular drywall (plasterboard) cannot support the weight of large-format televisions. Make sure that you screw the mount into solid material to avoid the risk of your new TV falling to the ground.

Find the studs behind your drywall and try screwing your wall mount on them for a solid installation.

Overestimating your DIY skills

If DIY isn’t your strong suit, why not hire specialists to install your TV wall mount? This will prevent you from damaging your wall by drilling too many holes or having your TV set come loose and fall to the floor.

For a professional TV wall mounting service, contact Fillion Électronique. Our experts are directly trained by electronic device manufactures and are always on the cutting edge of audio-visual integration.

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