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Élimine la statique
Repousse la poussière des sillons
Améliore le son de vos vinyles
Brosse en fibre de carbone
Spécialement conçue pour les disques vinyle



This carbon fiber brush is designed for record cleaning. Do you get muddy treble response? A rough performance? Your vinyl may need a little cleaning! Indeed, dust remains the number one enemy of the timeless vinyl records. With time, tiny particles become embedded in the groove, and tend to generate particularly unpleasant distortions for audiophiles. The Pro-Ject Brush It has been specially designed to address this serious problem. Simply place it on your record and it will remove all impurities in the grooves. It also demagnetizes your vinyls. The essential accessory for vinyl fans!

Improves the sound of your vinyl collection

Pro-Ject's Brush It vinyl record brush is made of carbon fiber to remove static and dust from the grooves of your vinyl records. Just a quick and easy use before listening to your favorite albums helps eliminate unwanted static noise and dust distortion. More than just an accessory, it's a must for a hassle-free analog experience.

Specially designed for vinyl records

Pro-Ject's Brush It vinyl disc brush has been specially designed for this purpose and will not cause any damage to your most valuable discs. Its carbon fiber bristles are soft and leave no trace and do not crumble thanks to a rigid construction.
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Brush it - Brosse de nettoyage anti-statique - Pro-Ject | Fillion Électronique

Pro-Ject Brush it

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Anti-static cleaning brush.

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