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Pro-Ject Leather it - Black

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Alternative platter mats with special sound characteristics
Substitutes felt mats
Damping of resonances from metal turntable platters

Less noise
Avoids static load
Suitable for all turntables



Pro-Ject Audio's Leather It is a leather turntable mat that greatly reduces static electricity noise and improves the sound of your favorite records. You can hear the difference!

Turntable mats have been always a big discussion how they influence the sound. The interaction between the record and the surface can be tracked very easily by the supersensitivity of a good pick up cartridge. Common felt mats give a smooth contact between record and platter but has the disadvantage with static. That means that feltmats often collect a lot of dust which can be then transferred to the record. Also the damping ability is very limited which can be a problem with metal platters. Thick rubbermats overdamp the record and have an isolation effect which leaves the static on the record and hearable noise clicks are the result. A very cost-effective way to improve the sound and have less noise by static and dust. You can hear a difference!

LEATHER-IT/BLACK - 2022-06-09 - 06:26
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Leather it - Couvre-plateau - Pro-Ject | Fillion Électronique

Pro-Ject Leather it

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Turntable mat.

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