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Sennheiser HD 560S - Black

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Natural and accurate reference sound
All-new transducer with high-strength magnet effortlessly reproduces deep, defined bass and brilliant treble
New polymer-blend transducer membrane offers highly-linear excursion for superb control
Angled transducers recreate the optimal listening position every time, without the need for acoustic room treatment
Open earcups facilitate the natural expansion of sound waves
Superb detail retrieval with fast, clear bass response



With linear acoustics tailored to extended listening sessions and smooth, gratifying bass performance, the HD 560S was crafted for the analytical audio enthusiast.

Reveal the truth in your music


Today's audiophiles monitor their music with measured purpose on a wide range of devices from headphone amplifiers, audio interfaces, computers, and more. The HD 560S delivers the linear performance required by analytical audio enthusiasts at a breakthrough value, allowing the listener to have an honest look inside their music whether for pleasure or productivity.


Open earcups for open minds


The HD 560S features an open-back design that provides natural propagation of sound waves. The E.A.R. (Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement) angled driver alignment recreates the optimal triangular listening position you would find in hi-fi loudspeaker setups and high-end recording studios. This combination creates a wide, articulate soundstage without the need for room treatment, letting you hear the neutral version of your music unaffected by the artifacts of a confined space.


Signature sound


The HD 560S transducers are specifically tuned for accuracy, offering dependable A/B comparisons of components, mixes, and media formats. The entire frequency range is honest, complemented by smooth, deep bass extension that reveals what nearfield loudspeakers often struggle to reproduce - especially between 20 and 50 Hz. The 120-ohm transducer is all-new, featuring a specialized polymer blend in its membrane for linear excursion and improved brilliance above 10 Hz. The drive magnet offers highly efficient power while its sophisticated damping system manages ventilation - this combination yields deeper bass while mitigating the distortion that otherwise impacts clarity - a difference only the most discerning listeners can appreciate. Whether grading a new hi-resolution master or revisiting a vintage audiophile preamp the HD 560S offers a fatigue-free listen that you can depend on.


Comfort is king


Although the HD 560S sound is rooted in the reference-level DNA of the beloved HD 660S, its comfort mechanics are based on the chassis of ultralight HD 599. A headphone this neutral deserves a distraction-free fit and a "barely there" feel on the listener's head. Even the velour earpads have been carefully considered to keep all contact points soft to the touch. The open, around-the-ear design offers benefits beyond natural sound - the ventilated cup remains cool without ever needing to touch the wearer's ears.


It's all about connection


Because audiophiles frequent a variety of sources, Sennheiser has developed the HD 560S to provide an exceptional experience regardless of the playback system. The detachable 1.8-meter cable provides the perfect amount of freedom to access your gear, no matter how it may be oriented within your setup. The 6.3mm / ¼-inch plug lets you connect to headphone amplifiers, audio interfaces, and most hi-fi sources while a flexible 3.5mm / ?-inch adapter ensures you can extract the most out of your reference material on portable digital audio players and countless other audio devices.


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Sennheiser HD 560S

Sennheiser HD 560S

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Headphones - wired - 3.5 mm jack, 6 - 38000 Hz, 120 Ohm, Full size.

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