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IsoAcoustics : A professional treatment at home!


It's no secret: the environment in which you install your audio system is a major factor in the final sound reproduction. You can have the best speakers in the world, if they are in an acoustically difficult space or if they are simply badly positioned, you will not be able to enjoy optimal sound. The Canadian company IsoAcoustics offers an interesting solution with its isolation speaker stands.

Less negative vibrations... for more positive vibrations!

Speaker isolation eliminates unwanted vibrations that can enter the speaker cabinet and even cause the surface on which the speakers are placed to vibrate. At high volume, vibrations will have an effect on multiple surfaces in the room where sound will hit and be reflected. These vibrations will have a detrimental effect on the fidelity of reproduction of the final sound.

In order to control the vibrations, IsoAcoustics stands allow the speakers to be decoupled from the surface they are on and provide a sound reproduction unaffected by the immediate surfaces. The benefits are a more open sound with more extended and "cleaner" bass. The sound image is also enhanced. Musicality, immersion and precision are enhanced, as is a predominant factor: pleasure!

IsoAcoustics, wall-to-wall professionalism!

IsoAcoustics was born in 2012, when its founder, Dave Morrison (originally from the Toronto area), went to present his first isolation stands at the NAMM Show (National Association of Music Merchants), the world's largest convention where all the professional audio and musical instrument merchants come to present their new products to an audience as enthusiastic as they are knowledgeable.

Morrison has an impressive resume. He was one of the chief designers of CBC's Ontario production facility, at the time the largest production complex in the world. It was during this major project that he brought a pair of speakers home for testing. From these experiments were born the foundations of IsoAcoustics, while Morrison pushed the exercise of positioning and isolating the speakers to offer the coveted result.

IsoAcoustics was an instant success. Music and film production studios adopted the Canadian products and the growing demand allowed the company to diversify its product line. Adding today products designed for the residential market in addition to a growing selection of professional equipment, IsoAcoustics products are now a reference in their field. Models such as the Aperta200 are unanimously acclaimed by music lovers as well as by the most in-demand sound engineers.

You have to hear it to believe it

Since its arrival at Fillion, the IsoAcoustics product range has been seducing both customers and the Fillion team. Whether it is for your speakers, your subwoofer or your electronic components, there is a stand that will raise the quality of your sound! 

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