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70 years of Marantz

2023 marks the 70th anniversary of the famous Marantz company, a name that in itself arouses passions in the world of high-fidelity audio. Much more than just a name, Marantz has become an institution - a title richly deserved over the past seven decades.

1953 in music and sound

Marantz was born in 1953. Musically, the year 1953 was marked by a number of hits and songs that would become standards - we need only think of Frank Sinatra, who signed with Capitol and, in a bid to revive his career, recorded a brand-new song called "Young At Heart", or Big Mama Thornton, who launched the legendary original version of "Hound Dog" (which would be covered by a certain Elvis three years later).

The world of audio was also booming. It was also in 1953, in the New York neighborhood of Brooklyn, that Joseph Grado sat down at his kitchen table to produce his first turntable cartridge. He founded Grado.

At the same time, just a few miles away in Queens, Saul Bernard Marantz, a music lover dissatisfied with the performance of the audio equipment of the day, sat down at his own kitchen table and designed his first preamplifier, the Audio Consolette. He thus founded Marantz.

Success was instantaneous. Unable to keep up with demand, Saul Marantz, encouraged by his wife and friends, opens his workshop and officially markets a revised version of his Audio Consolette, the Model 1 - today considered a landmark in the field. Over the following years, other models would follow, establishing the Marantz brand as a leader in high-fidelity.

Thegolden age of Marantz

At the turn of the 70s, Marantz continued to evolve, notably with the Model 18 integrated amplifier, then available for two years. Some would call the decade to come "the golden age" of the company, for whom the name was no longer simply synonymous with pure sound, but also with the build quality of its devices, which some would go so far as to describe as indestructible. Marantz seized the opportunity to capitalize on this reputation in its advertising at the time, notably for the Model 2270, in a campaign showing a photo of the amplifier having survived a fire! The 70s were also a turning point in terms of design - the integrated units from this period had a now-classic appearance that remains a strong symbol of the brand today.

Sustained evolution

Far from resting on its reputation, Marantz has continued its mission over the years. With the arrival of digital technology, they introduced one of the first CD players to be marketed in autumn 1982, the Model CD-63. Revised versions followed over the years, always with a marked improvement recognized by the public - including a special edition designed by the now-legendary engineer Ken Ishiwata.

It is this passionate dedication to perfecting the digital aspect of its new devices, coupled with analog know-how already applauded worldwide, that keeps Marantz at the top of the audio-video world. A range of stereo equipment for audiophiles is complemented by exceptional cinema receivers, and technologies are developed to meet the demands of today's music lovers, producing innovative network players worthy of the Marantz name.

Celebratewith Fillion

So here we are in 2023, and Fillion is ready to celebrate 70 years of Marantz with you. Seven decades of success, passion and rich heritage - all with an eye to the future.

We invite you to come and discover the Marantz product range in our store and experience the full force of a history of legendary excellence. As part of the celebrations, take advantage of a unique equipment upgrade offer, valid from September 1 to November 10 inclusive. See all the details here.

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