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NAIM AUDIO: Fillion's newest addition

In its quest to offer the best to its customers, Fillion is constantly looking for the best equipment to achieve the desired - even dreamed-of - sound. In some ways, this approach is similar to that of legendary companies in the audio world, where the obsession with optimal sound results is the primary motivation behind the creation of stereo components that have left their mark in a demanding, yet passionate industry. In this spirit, Fillion introduces its newest arrival: Naim Audio.

Naim Audio was founded by Julian Vereker, who, in the late 1960s, was unhappy with the sound he heard on the radio in England, knowing very well that it could be better because he recorded his musician friends in the studio himself. He then decided to leave his other passion, racing cars, to devote himself to perfecting his knowledge of audio in a self-taught way to create his first amplifier. Not backing down from anything, he went to the local radio station himself to make the staff there listen to the result of his work. Impressed by the performance of Vereker's amplifier, the directors gave him a first order to equip the studios of the now famous Capital Radio station. This contract was to change everything for Vereker, and so Naim was born in 1973.

The success of the Naim amplifiers led to a demand for a first preamplifier, which was introduced in 1974. Designed with the same care as its amplifiers, the arrival of the NAC 12 gave Naim a special place in the ears and hearts of audiophiles and music lovers.

Naim's mentality is one of simplicity. Just like the best simple recipes contain the best ingredients, the best audio equipment contains the best components. Vereker's approach is the very description of high fidelity. In Naim components you'll find a thorough and efficient power supply, the real heart of controlled and accurate music reproduction. The absence of equalizers and the use of DIN connectors are also evidence of the uncompromising vision that has given Naim its credentials.

Today, Naim continues to share its founder's vision by adhering to its core concepts and adapting to today's needs.

The Classic Series are the Hi-Fi components that have made Naim what it is today. Of course there are amplifiers and preamplifiers, but today there are excellent integrated amplifiers, as well as streamers and digital to analog converters (DACs). Offered with performance in mind, the Classic Series is ideal for the music lover who is looking for sound quality above all else.

The Uniti Series, on the other hand, takes the concepts established at Naim since its beginnings and takes them to a whole new experience for music lovers. The Uniti Series are all-in-one devices that combine amplification and pre-amplification with built-in streamers, CD players/rippers, internet radio and connectivity to suit today's needs. A dedicated mobile application allows you to wirelessly control your Uniti Series system for flexibility matched only by its performance.

Finally, Naim is the Mu-So devices, already available at Fillion for a few years now. These multiroom speakers stand out by offering powerful and accurate high-fidelity sound, while providing a multitude of popular wireless features to an audience that is either discovering Hi-Fi or looking to expand it throughout their home.

It is with great pleasure that Fillion invites you to discover Naim Audio in its stores. If like us, you are looking for exceptional sound, do your ears a favor and let yourself be carried away by the Naim quality. 

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