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What should you do with your old electronics?

Do you have an old TV or audio system that takes up valuable space at home and are looking for something to do with it? Depending on their condition, your old electronics can still be put to good use. 

Bring your old electronics back to life by finding a new purpose for them or recycle them if they don't work at all! In this article, we offer solutions for functional devices and explain how to recycle devices at the end of their life.

Old electronics that still work: what are my options?

Whether it's a television set you no longer need, a pair of headphones or a sound system, there must be someone in your life, a business or some other organization that could be interested.

Before throwing away an electronic device that still works well, check your network of contacts, look for an organization that might be interested, or post a donation ad. You'll give it a second life while helping out your community at the same time! If your device is still relatively new and has value, you can also sell it.

How to get rid of end-of-life electronic devices

Got an old speaker in your basement that doesn't work anymore and you want to get rid of it? There are official drop-off points for your obsolete electronic equipment throughout Quebec.

You can dispose of your small electronic devices (headphones, cell phones, chargers, etc.) in electrobacs throughout Quebec. Most of these small electronics bins can be found in schools, shopping malls, office buildings and grocery stores. Just find the one closest to your home and throw away your obsolete device!

Larger electronics, such as televisions and audio system components, can be brought to official citizen drop-off points (click here to find the one nearest you), or to most electronics retailers, regardless of where you purchased them (conditions may apply).

Fillion, your electronics expert for more than 60 years

Whether you need to get rid of your old electronics or purchase new ones, you can trust our expertise. We have the passion and experience it takes to help you choose the electronic device that best suits your needs, whatever you desire.

Our team of advisors is also available to answer your questions after the purchase to help you get the most out of your new equipment. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about a particular electronic device or if you need advice. It will be our pleasure to help you. 

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