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You like Picasso as much as you like Tarantino? You would like a large size television for your movie nights, but the idea of having a large black panel in your living room the rest of the time bothers you? Samsung offers you a solution in "The Frame", the television that becomes a work of art when you don't want the seventh art.

A burst of genius

The idea is so great that you wonder where "The Frame" was all this time! You just had to think of it. Samsung has done so and the success has been obvious since its introduction three years ago.

Beauty is in simplicity. The concept of "The Frame" is based on this elementary but effective rule. You enjoy a high-end TV when you want to watch it, but when you turn it off, you have your favourite painting or photograph, all while offering a natural brightness that consumes only a small fraction of the energy used in TV mode.

Your private collection

Samsung has set up the "Art Store", a virtual store where you can buy photos and works of art in 4K quality. Browse the various categories from the large selection available, and choose a masterpiece - at a fraction of the price. It is also possible to use your personal images to make the "The Frame" experience even more personalized.

Always on the theme of personalization, it is also possible to buy magnetic bezels in various colors to perfectly match your decor.

Outstanding television

"The Frame" is not just a beautiful and well thought-out object. It is also a high-level television with outstanding performance. It has a 4K UHD 4K panel from Samsung's QLED range, in addition to supporting HDR 10+ and HLG standards.

Samsung is still a leader in terms of Smart TV, and "The Frame" is no exception. Compatible with AirPlay 2, Amazon's Alexa and the Google Assistant, everyone will find what they’re looking for. The simple and aesthetic installation, coupled with the One Connect external connection box and a single cable so discreet that it has been called "invisible". The "No Gap" wall mount completes the picture. It is so thin that it is completely hidden by the frame, to give the impression that it is indeed a painting on your wall.


The new 2019 version of "The Frame" is available in four sizes: 43, 49, 55 and 65 inches to better fit your interior. They are already available and you are invited to come and see them at Fillion today. Evening wear optional.

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