Devialet: the French Revolution in High-end Audio Systems

Driven by the ambition to push the limits of sound reproduction, Devialet has become a leader in high-end audio systems.

Founded in 2007 in Paris, the French start-up quickly gained a solid reputation in the world of high-fidelity thanks to its cutting-edge technology and elegant, minimalist design.

From ultra-powerful phono preamps to Gemini true wireless headphones, to the iconic Phantom speakers, the experts at Fillion Électronique present Devialet, a brand at the heart of innovation.

Giving sound the place it deserves

Devialet was founded by three Frenchmen: Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel, Quentin Sannié and Emmanuel Nardin. The brand immediately caused a sensation with its patented "ADH" (Analog Digital Hybrid) technology, which combines the purity of analog amplification with the power and efficiency of digital.

ADH technology is the result of years of research and development. It produces a clear, natural and warm sound, which delights audiophiles across the board. This technology is at the heart of the brand's philosophy, which seeks to offer a consistently exceptional listening experience.

Devialet Phantom II speakers deliver crisp sound with ultra-deep bass.

From revolution to reference

Devialet not only pushes the boundaries of traditional hi-fi, it seeks to break them down and reach new heights in performance, design and technological advancement.

The award-winning French company has shattered industry standards with its audiophile amplifiers and Phantom wireless speakers, considered technological feats.

Devialet strives to innovate from start to finish to ensure the best possible acoustics. The Phantom loudspeakers alone have been awarded more than 200 patents and 90 awards.

Exceptional listening experiences

Devialet's acoustic line stands out by offering a unique listening experience enriched by state-of-the-art technology. Among the brand's flagship products are the ultra-powerful ARCH phono preamplifiers and the high-end Phantom speakers.

The Phantom wireless speakers are true technological gems, with their cutting-edge design and deep, pure sound quality. Phantom can be used individually, in pairs for a stereo configuration, or in multiroom audio for an immersive sound experience.

ARCH phono preamps are a delight for audiophiles in search of purity of sound. Their compact design accommodates various audio sources - including turntables - allowing you to wirelessly play vinyl records directly through the Phantom speakers.

Devialet also offers a range of high-end wireless headphones, the Devialet Gemini. These are equipped with hybrid active noise reduction (ANC) technology and have an exceptional battery life of up to 24 hours.

Devialet soundbars are also popular with home theater enthusiasts. The Dione can deliver high-quality sound to an entire room via 17 speakers for an immersive and enveloping sound experience.

With its 17 built-in speakers, the Dione soundbar from Devialet offers a realistic and intense cinematic experience.

Explore the Devialet experience at Fillion

With its philosophy of pushing the limits of sound reproduction, Devialet is a brand that can seduce the most demanding audiophiles.

If you are a music lover looking to discover exceptional products, our dedicated listening room is the place for you. Come try out the iconic Phantom speakers and other flagship products from the brand.

Visit our Montreal electronics store to discover the magic of Devialet sound. Enjoy an immersive listening experience and discover the exceptional performance of Devialet products in a calm and comfortable environment.

The experts at Fillion Électronique will be happy to help you find the products best suited to your audio needs and preferences.

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