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Marantz: A leading acoustics brand

It is difficult to choose between all the different acoustics brands on the market. There are many reliable, high-end sound systems available. Brands such as Devialet, Focal and Paradigm have all firmly made their mark on the acoustics scene over the years.

Amid all this, an American brand has established itself as a staple name in the home audio industry. If you haven’t heard of them yet, get familiar with the name Marantz. Born in the Big Apple in 1953, Marantz has continued to make waves in the world of consumer electronics, offering very high-quality, innovative products. Its longevity and continual success in the high-performance home entertainment industry are remarkable. Marantz develops and sells high-quality amplifiers, CD players, and turntables, having no reason to fear its competition.

Marantz is one of the most trusted names in home audio. Our experts at Fillion invite you to discover the history, design methodology, and products that make this brand so special.

A brand born in NY, the world’s creative hub

Behind the Marantz brand is a creative genius named Saul Marantz. Marantz was an American musician, inventor and engineer who established the brand following the creation of his first product in his home in Kew Gardens. His legacy lives on through the Marantz company name.

Struggling to find what he was looking for within the commercially available products of his day, Saul Marantz came up with a new way to reproduce sound, using his electrical engineering knowledge. He created a Hi-Fi preamplifier, the “Audio Consolette”, which he built to improve the sound quality of records for his own benefit. It was his friends and wife who encouraged him to begin mass production and that’s when it all began.

Since that day, Saul Marantz's technology company has continued to grow and reach customers located far beyond the borders of the city that never sleeps. The Marantz brand is now present all over the world and its exceptional products are sold to people in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. It is a highly reputed, international brand.

Marantz: passionate about acoustics and design

Marantz is first and foremost a brand led by audio and design lovers. The company aims to reproduce near-perfect sound, music and film. Saul Marantz's legacy has been carried on by other geniuses in the industry such as Ken Ishiwata, Ryuichi Sawada and Yoshinori Ogata.

In addition to meticulous design, Marantz products also feature unique components and exceptional attention to detail. Marantz product design methodology has been described as "combining aspects of heritage, performance, and contemporary luxury through finish and detailing”.

Marantz products are jewels of sound technology. They are also true works of art.

Many products for music lovers

Marantz is a leader in sound technology. Immerse yourself in films like you are at the cinema and experience music like never before with Marantz’s high-quality range of amplifiers, turntables, CD players and AV receivers. All from the comfort of your own living room.

Marantz amplifiers are recognized as some of the most reliable, high performing pieces of music technology. The brand's CD players are also renowned for their high quality and performance. Marantz is also a key player in the DJ industry. The New-York-based brand’s turntables compete with the biggest names on the market.

Additionally, Marantz also develops other top-quality acoustic products, such as cinema receivers and network streamers. No matter what your home audio needs are, this brand will have the perfect product for you.

Buy Marantz products at Fillion

As you can see, Marantz is a serious contender in the home entertainment world. With a rich history, the brand creates outstanding music and home cinema products.

We have a wide range of Marantz products at Fillion to meet your needs and enhance your home sound systems.

Want to find out more about Marantz products? Contact us now or visit our store in Montreal. The best way to understand the real beauty of Marantz products is to try them out.
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