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What exactly is hi-fi?

If you think the term “hi-fi" refers to expensive and high-performance audio equipment, you are not exactly wrong, but there are important elements missing to complete your definition.

Take a few minutes to read this article and you will have a much better understanding of hi-fi.

Understanding the concept of “high-fidelity”

Hi-fi is an abbreviation of high-fidelity. Technically, it refers to a component or series of components that playrecorded music on a media (CD, vinyl, digital file, etc.) with the best sound quality possible.

What was considered excellent audio performance 20 years ago is obviously not the case today. Back then, it was all about noise and distortion, but since these problems hardly affect modern audio equipment anymore, it now focuses on spatiality, depth and realism.

In short, high-fidelity is the expression of an ideal to be achieved.

What is hi-fi audio equipment?

If you consider the definition of high-fidelity above, you probably understand that it is closely related to audio equipment used to play music, amplify the signal to the desired volume and broadcast the sound.

Most components of an audio system (CD players, turntables, streamers, preamplifiers, power amplifiers, speakers, cables, etc.) exist in hi-fi.

The sound quality level produced with these devices is, in fact, as good as it gets. They will allow you to immerse yourself in your music, pick up on every instrument and feel every beat.

In short, any hi-fi audio equipment you invest in allows you to better enjoy your music, regardless of the format. It will be equipped with top-quality components, manufactured with great attention to detail and use technologies unavailable on entry-level products.

When technology takes us away from high-fidelity

While one might think that all new audio equipment and recording formats are developed with the goal of providing the most accurate sound production, the reality is quite different.

For example, music offered by streaming services and mp3 files is played on practical and inexpensive equipment such as portable speakers or Bluetooth headsets. This can offer a pleasant listening experience, but cannot compete with the sound precision of a high-fidelity stereo system.

The practicality of these products is undeniable and their sound quality will satisfy the majority of music lovers, but not true audiophiles. The fact is that convenience is often achieved at the expense of musical fidelity.

Fillion Électronique: the place to experience hi-fi sound in Quebec

In conclusion, hi-fi is constantly adapting to the technological landscape. As audio equipment evolves, the limits of high-fidelity are pushed back, allowing audiophiles to enjoy sound quality that continuously improves.

Visit Fillion Électronique to experience true hi-fi and hear productsfrom Cambridge, B&W, Naim Audio and many other brands specializing in high-end audio.

See you soon!

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